Loc Maintenance

We offer two main grooming techniques for persons with locs – Palm Rolling and Interlocking. All our locticians are trained and can help in choosing the method that is right for you.


Palm Rolling

In this method the locs are sectioned by separating the loose hair or new growth around the roots to their respective loc. The loose hairs are then wrapped around the loc to encourage the new growth to lock. The loc is then rolled in the palm of the hand towards the right (most locs are groomed in the left to right direction) a metal pin is used to hold the lock in place so as to avoid re-entanglement with surrounding locks that are not yet palm rolled. The use of a light holding spray is optional. The hair is then dried and the pins removed.

Palm rolling is the best method to attain and maintain smooth locs. However, one of the disadvantages of this method of grooming is that the locs will need to be palm rolled after each shampoo as this method does not create a loc at the root, using the interlocking method instead allows the loc to be formed on its own, the palm rolling just encourages uniformity and training.



The interlocking method is done with an interlocking needle or a latch needle. In this method the new growth is also separated and wrapped around the respective loc. A lock is then created at the root of the hair by weaving the existing loc through the root of the hair. It is important that one understand that there is a technique that needs to be followed when interlocking dreadlocks. It may look easy when our stylist do it, but if the proper technique is not followed a split can be created at the root of the loc (making the loc look like a “Y” as opposed to a common letter “L” ).


One of the advantages of this method is that the loc will remain neat between shampoos for a period of 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how fast one’s hair grows. Some persons believe that interlocking can lead to weakening of the lock. We believe that one should consider their texture of one’s hair before choosing a method of grooming. Not all hair textures can be interlocked every 4 weeks. Also keep in mind that if the correct interlocking technique is not followed weakening can occur. Also if your hair is soft or light then the interlocking method might result in locs with small bumps/knots at the point where re-tightening occurred.


Loc Built-up

Locs built up is the excess residue of foreign matter trapped inside your locs caused by oil, dirt or even lint from your clothes or towel. We recognize the need for built up removal in locs as it is a common issue among persons with locs, hence why we treat it as a regular maintenance procedure.